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  • Successful & Scientifically Proven Weight Loss!
  • Easy - No Strict Diet or Workout Regime Required!
  • Revolutionary Non-Invasive Treatment - Ultrasound Liposuction!

Our treatment has worked for 1000's of men & women across the UK already!

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We all wish to ‘look good’ and we know when we do we ‘feel good’. At Slimproved non-invasive liposuction in Nottingham (Long Eaton) we know that a balanced diet and exercise is good for us, good for the body and ultimately good for the mind. Unfortunately even with a balanced diet and good exercise it is sometimes difficult to reduce fat and tone some more stubborn areas of the body such as the tummy, bottom and arms. This is where the ‘Love your Body’ Slimproved’ process can help and can really change your body and your life.

Many people come to us having been on yo-yo diets for years and having failed to achieve the results they desire. Diets which leave you feeling hungry and those that stop you from eating the foods you enjoy tend not to work. They make you feel miserable, de-motivated, feeling weak and unable to exercise.

At Slimproved we totally believe in a healthy lifestyle but appreciate that this alone will not bring you the results you require to ‘Love your Body’. The Slimproved concept of non-invasive lipo-sculpture is a tried and tested technique that with just a few sessions at one of our acclaimed clinics can bring you the body of your dreams ‘looking-good and feeling-good’.

Slimproved in Nottingham


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1  Slimproved has been sold to Tammy Laroche Ltd


2  We are delighted to announce the latest Slimproved franchise...


3  Slimproved introduce 0% franchise financing


Slimproved launch their virtual online franchise partner diary system

Ultrasound Liposuction 

The ultrasound cavitation equipment we use is the latest revolutionary technology which we have developed in conjunction with our manufacturer over many years of research. Ultransound is a sound wave that we use to finely target and remove the fat from cells permanently. We can target any area of the body.


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