welcomeWelcome and thank you for viewing the ‘Slimproved’ web-site, you’ve made a great choice and made the first steps to help you change your body and your life with the unique Slimproved ‘Love your body’ system.


Who we areSlimproved are the market leaders in providing specialist, expert advice and solutions for fat reduction, body contouring and body and face toning. With clinics throughout the U.K, Slimproved are the first choice for men and women who wish to enhance their body shape, look good and feel good.


What we doSlimproved provide a range of treatments using the latest revolutionary technology for non-invasive lipo-suction for the body and high radio frequency used for our none-invasive facelift treatments. Treatments are given privately by our female consultants in our network of clinics nationwide. The treatment is best described as relaxing, with no pain or surgery, and takes less than 30 minutes per visit.


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 Our Team

The teamThe Slimproved team includes trained beauty technicians and Consultants at each of our branches. Our people are the best. Our future depends on it. Having delighted clients doesn’t just rely on our mythology and technology, but on the expertise, professionalism, commitment and passion of our people.

The Slimproved system works…and we can’t wait to show you!!

We all wish to ‘look good’ and we know when we do we ‘feel good’. Even with a balanced diet and good exercise, the majority of people would like to lose inches of our waistline or generally look more toned. Are you tired of wasting money on products and treatments that just do not work, do not deliver the look you’ve always wished for?

The ‘Love your Body’ Slimproved’ process can help and can really change your body and your life.

Our Ultrasound cavitation technology is proven and both our ultrasound fat loss and high radio frequency facelift are:

  • Nonsurgical, it’s a non-invasive treatment – It is painless, there is NO recovery time
  • Less body fat, our treatments really works and you will see significant results in one course *
  • Greatly improved body shape, start to wear the clothes you’ve always wanted to
  • A fit body and a fit mind, greatly enhanced confidence and self esteem
  • One treatment session takes less than 30 minutes
  • ‘Love your body’ Have the body you’ve always dreamed of

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